TOMORROW we have a berry themed fundraiser at the rescue! Stop by for a  berry themed Bake sale
 and yard sale items or craft sale tables! From 11-3 Come and see our ponies, horses, oliver the goat, and not to forget Baby Roseberry and her mom Blackberry !

At the last Fundraiser we had, the volunteers gave pony rides
on Rick, Lucy, and blackie.

One of the new ponies in the pony pasture, is being boarded at our rescue. stop by to give him a treat and visit with the rest of the ponies sometime!
Update- Towards the end of last Summer Indy (one of the horses previously mentioned in our blog) was successfully adopted, and is now living out her life in a great home, having happy days :)
Little Ollie's all grown up!
Oliver grown into quite the little man since we've had him. This picture was taken when we took him to one of our fundraisers at the Marysville Co-op. He decided he wanted to eat the banana from our volunteer Juleah's lunch. So, not wanting the banana anyways she gave it to him, and he enjoyed it quite a bit!
Lt. Dan
Lt. Dan is a newer addition to our rescue family. As an ex-racehorse from Argentina of 5 years he's some to our rescue to retire and live out his days. He is the biggest sweetheart ever and everyone loves him. He's 22 years old but lives his life like he's 15 sometimes. :)

Blackberry and her beautiful baby Roseberry. Or as we like to call them, Mommy and Baby. These two are so great and we love them both to pieces. Roseberry is so energetic and playful and she's still so young! On her first day outside she ran, and ran around! Stop by to see this playful pair together in their pasture!
 2415 116th St. N.E. Marysville, WA 98271 
It's been quite some time since our last post... Apologies about that. but now everything is back up and running. our website even got a makeover, go look at it at -
The blog is back again, so keep scrolling to see some of the newest updates and everything else happening at the rescue now!

Seabiscuit 11 x 13 signed Limited Edition Print

All proceeds go to the care of the horses at All Breed Equine Rescue

UPDATE !!!!!!! Blackberry our mini-donkey is officially pregnant as of July 8th! The ultrasound showed our new addition to the family will be a baby boy. The top nominated name so far is Masonberry :) Why not stop by to suggest a name for the new baby. The only rule is it has to end in berry.
Gave Mammie a bath today with, Sammy, Juleah, Dani, and Miki! We had lots of fun, and she's all shiny and clean now. So beautiful. When I get home tomorrow I will post pictures :)
Our perfect little baby goat, named Oliver (ollie for short) he only just arrived a short while ago, and already everyone who has met him loves hime to pieces. he is the sweetest most adorable little thing. this may sound odd that I'm talking about a goat, but I'm serious when i say you should stop by to say hello to this little guy. you will feel just the same :)
On this hot day, Spirit got to be pampered and groomed, along with Wranlger, Rick, and Blackie.

The girls did blackie's hair and he looked quite fabulous, thanks to Nikki and Sammy ;) all volunteers learn to groom horses and ponies when they come after they get all their work done first of course :)

Indy (top) and Tanner (bottom). A currently bonded pair at the rescue. They are some of the newer horses at the rescue. Tanner has a bad ankle and can't be ridden, she kicks whenever anyone gets to close to her back leg, but is a total and absolute sweetheart when standing in front of her :) Indy on the other hand is perfectly fine, perfectly ridable, and a perfect sweetheart. The only troubles with her is she has, kind of like separation anxiety. We are pretty sure its because she had a pasture pal at her previous home who passed away and her foal grew up and found a new home. So in order to find out how she does under saddle we have to slowly separate them, so she becomes more comfortable and so its safe to ride her. :)